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Be amazed by the best smartphone on the web! Samsung Galaxy S7 clone deserves an amazing page to show all of its features. Clear visual, light colours and beautifully aligned elements - they all try to make the users aware of his features!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Clone Features

S7 Clone has an MTK6735 64Bit Quad Core processor with 2GB of RAM. System show 4GB RAM + 128G ROM. It has a real 6.0 MarsMallow OS. It has also a simulated fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone, real heart beat rate sensor, 4 way gesture control and gesture recognition. The phone support 4G Lte network and also GPS connection worldwide.


It's beautiful

Design of this Samsung Galaxy S7 clone is the same as original with all logos. The same dimensions with 5.1 HD IPS Sharp Diamond True-Colour display, aluminium body and same weight.

This smartphone comes in 3 colors, Black, Silver Titanium and Gold. Choose whatever looks great in your hands :)

Easy to use

Because of Android 6.0 MarhMallow this smarthpone is easy to use exactly as the original one. Every settings and apps that works on original version can run on this version too. It has the same settings menu and the same apps.

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